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West Corridor Gold Project

The West Corridor Gold Project consists of 109 unpatented lode-mining claims and surface and mineral title to an additional 213 acres of patented land bring the total area covered to approximately 1,755 acres in the western portion of Lawrence County, South Dakota, USA. More specifically the claims lie within the Black Hills Meridian, Township 5N, Range2E covering portions of Sections 13, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 34 and 35, and Township 5N, Range3E covering portions of Sections 19, 20 and 30.

Dakota staked the unpatented claims of West Corridor between February 2020 and July 2021. There is no known encumbrance of any kind and there are no known private surface rights owners within the bounds of the claims with all surface rights on the unpatented portion of the property under the control of the US Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management. Annual claim maintenance fees are $165 per claim, or a total of  $17,985 for the 109 claims that comprise the West Corridor Property. Annual claim maintenance fees are due before September 1st of each year.

Notice must be filed with and approved by the BLM, USFS, and the SDDANR prior to undertaking  any exploration activities. The notice describes the proposed exploration activities and any remedial reclamation deemed necessary. The various government agencies review the application to ensure there will be no deleterious impacts as a result of activity on the claims prior to granting any approvals for the proposed work. 213 acres of patented land were purchased in May of 2021 from Terrence Tyler are subject to a 2% NSR Royalty held by Homestake Mining Company of California with a buyback right for 51% interest in the property subject to, among other provisions, the establishment of a 1,000,000-ounce reserve and/or

inferred resource from one or more deposits located within a one-kilometer area of influence surrounding the property.

The West Corridor property is located just south of the mineral property Dakota acquired from Deadbroke Mining Company in the Maitland Area in March of 2014, just north of the producing Wharf Mine (Coeur Mining) and just to the south and east of the former Richmond Hill Mine (Barrick Gold). Access to the property is gained by traveling 1 mile southwest of Lead SD on Highway 85/14A to State Highway 473 and then traveling west approximately 3.2 miles to Wharf Mine Road and continuing west approximately 1.2 miles before turning and traveling 1 mile north on the Richmond Hill Road.

The property is located on the western margin of the structural corridor that extends north of the Homestake Gold Mine. The property is a target for both Homestake Iron Formation hosted gold mineralization under the cover of younger sedimentary and igneous rocks that also host tertiary-aged replacement gold and silver mineralization in the area.


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