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South Dakota: A Mining Jurisdiction

South Dakota has well-developed mining infrastructure ready to be refurbished. The State has a continuous pro-mining culture built upon a strong mining history, which started in the late 1900s.

In fact, rumors of Black Hills gold started as early as the 1830s. But it was the gold discovery in 1874 that truly set off the Black Hills gold rush and paved the way for the State’s broader mining industry. With many new miners to train, the South Dakota School of Technology and Mining (South Dakota Mines) was established in 1885 to support the region’s primary industry. South Dakota has even enshrined the post-secondary teaching of mining and metallurgy in its Constitution

Today, South Dakota produces a variety of minerals, particularly in the geologically diverse Black Hills region. According to the United States Geological Survey, South Dakota leads in the production of mica. And, in addition to gold, the State also produces sand and gravel, crushed stone, feldspar, gemstones, gypsum, gravel, lime, iron ore, and silver.

South Dakota remains a safe low-cost jurisdiction with a pro-mining government that supports responsible mine development and permitted exploration, through the South Dakota Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources’ efficient and predictable permitting processes.

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